Performance Summaries updated

The strategies page has been updated with the out-of-sample results for the 3 strategies that have been published. Below the summary picture, there is a link to a detailed report-file containing equity chart, performance table, SPC charts and list of trades.

The three strategies did not fare that well during this year. The main reason for this is the poor performance in the Aug-Oct timeframe. I belief that  markets behaved in very “un-natural” manner in that time frame as we saw unprecedented market behaviour caused by the euro / credit crisis.

Looking at the SPC charts in the Performance Reports, you can see the performance of the trades getting outside the control limits. This should have been a signal to stop trading a strategy.


5 thoughts on “Performance Summaries updated

  1. Hi,

    I notice big differences between the backtest results and th real world.

    Have you any idea as to the reason, slippage, commissions…anything else?

    Great site, I’m really enjoing your work.

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