MSR Indicator for Amibroker

After some struggling Amibroker  I was able to create the translation for the MSR indicator introduced by David Varadi. The code uses the QDMedian3() function for Amibroker, that can be download here.

During the weekend I will post the system analysis for my ETF’s based on the MSR system.

- QD - 

MSR Indicator Code 


Plot(rank, "PercentRank(MSR("+NumToStr(Period1,1.0)+","+NumToStr(Period2,1.0)+"),"+NumToStr(Period3,1.0)+")",colorBlue);

Sample Graph

7 thoughts on “MSR Indicator for Amibroker

  1. With the QDMedian code, this is a great contribution. Thanks!

    One possible improvement (I might have this wrong as I am not an AB user): since for any day H C and L are partially ordered (H >= C >= L), Max(H, C, L) is the same as H, and the same is true over a period, so in your code Max3 = HHV(H, period2), and there is no need to calculate the highest C and highest L.

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Toptick, you are absolutely right! It was late when I was coding this so I guess I was too focused on exact translation and no optimization:-)
      Will adjust this in the my personal files.
      Tks for your contribution

  2. I’m new to the #include call. I think I’m suppose to point it to the dll plugin??? If that’s correct, I keep getting a syntax error on that line. Can some one please give me some clarity on this part of the code?

    Thanks! mike

    • Mike, #include call points towards an other amibroker formula file. This is a specific file containing additional functions and it is used to avoid writing the same functions over and over in each new strategy. Look into Amibroker helpfile for more information.

      • Thanks. I get the call, but I did a search in Ami help on my c drive and google for the file Additional The hits I got were your blog. I am guessing this file and boiler plate are your personal creation?

        Am I way out in left field?
        Can I impose a little more and ask for further assistance?

        I don’t know how to make AB see this file, line as it is posted errors out for me.
        I downloaded the VC++ 2005 libraries too.

        Thanks for your patience.


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