[2012-04-24] Custom Backtest File (CBT)

Updated with missing function.
Download (rename file extension to .afl)

[2012-03-12] Custom Backtest File (CBT)

Requested my several readers, I post here the Custom Backtest File that I use.
It includes features like go-in-cash, export stats, multiple entries etc.
Credits go to Frank Hassler at that has shared his CBT and from which I took several code snippets.
Download (rename file extension to .afl)

[2011-12-30] Pessimistic Gain/MDD

Originally posted by dloyer123 at
Contains resample.dll that calculates a pessimistic Gain/MDD performance metric by bootstrapping.
download (rename file extension to .zip)

3 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Sorry for my previous post. just missed instructions to rename file extention to .zip
    All works now.
    Thank you

  2. Does anybody have the code or know where to download “Additional” which have to be included in some of the systems on this site. Original code was from but I dont get access to that site.

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