MSR Indicator for Amibroker

After some struggling Amibroker¬† I was able to create the translation for the MSR indicator introduced by David Varadi. The code uses the QDMedian3() function for Amibroker, that can be download here. During the weekend I will post the system analysis for my ETF’s based on the MSR system. – QD – MSR Indicator Code … Read more

Amibroker Median() function for Multiple Arrays

In trying build the MSR indicator introduced by David Varadi for Amibroker, I run into a shortcoming of the Amibroker Formula Language (AFL). The language does not allow for the Median() calculation over 3 price arrays (in this H,L,C). After several false attempts in AFL and consulting various sources of help, I decided to accept my fait and build my first .dll for Amibroker to calculate the Median across 2 Arrays or the Median across 3 Arrays.

Below are instructions to Download & Install.

Have fun with it!

– QD –

Instructions to install:

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