Percentrank() for Amibroker

Some readers have asked me to share the Percentrank() function for Amibroker. As I have found it somewhere in the blogosphere (can’t remember where though), I have no problems sharing it. Kudo’s to the original creator! – QD function PercentRank( Data, Periods ) { Count = 0; for ( i = 1; i < Periods … Read more

DVI system (2/2)

In the second post on the DVI system, I will explore some effects on portfolio trading this strategy. In the table below I have summarised the performance results of the various stages of the system as well as the top 3 performers of the DVI system as I left it in the earlier post.

I like this strategy as it has been constructed based on simple rules, it works across a broad set of different trading instruments and it has shown a decent performance in the period 1/1/2003 – 1/8 2010 without optimizing the parameters. So what would be my way to trade this strategy? Would I invest in the best performing instruments or in the top 3 or …? In trying to answer these questions, my view is that we are stepping into the domain of strategical asset allocation and portfolio management. In an earlier post I emptied my head on these subjects and decided to start trying out some stuff. So here goes my first experiment.

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DV2 Indicator for Amibroker

Following my post on the DVI system, a reader asked me to post the DV2 indicator code for Amibroker. As the  code is available over at MarketSci in MS Excel sheet, I felt I can share my Amibroker translation. So here it is (the bounded version): function DV2(Length) { d1= ( C  /  ((H+L)/2) ) … Read more

DVI system (1/2)

In this series of posts I share my exploration of the use of the DVI indicator in a strategy be applied to a broader set of ETF’s. The strategy will use the DVI indicator complemented with a long term filter and short term timing mechanism. Applying of the strategy to a portfolio of ETF’s will allow’s to assess … Read more